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2018 Festival Closes

The festival has closed for another year and did so with a fantastic evening at the Alton Maltings with a performance of Vivaldi's Four Seasons preceded by Mendelssohn's Hebrides Overture and our first commission from Manchester based composer, Lucy Hale.

We'd like to thank all our fantastic musicians who travel across the county and country to perform aswell as our team of volunteers who make the festival run, it couldn't be done without their hard work and commitment. Finally we must thank our loyal audience who have supported us over the past four days with such enthusiasm.

All the money that we make goes straight back to young musicians in the local community. Information regarding grants will be made available between October and November on the website and through our newsletter. If you haven't already, please sign up on the homepage of

We're delighted to say that we will be back next year with another exciting program of music and events so please spread the word! Again this information will be sent out in the newsletter in advance so beat the rush and subscribe.

See you in 2019.

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