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Our Aims & FAQs

The Esseham Music Charity

The Esseham Music Charity was established in 2016 by Lasham musician, Josh Hall, to help young, classical musicians, who have attended school/college within a sixteen mile radius of Lasham, to further their studies and achieve their potential.


What kind of awards do you offer?

Awards are offered to support any project or activity that develops the skills and experience of young classical musicians (instrumentalists, singers and composers) including, but not exclusive to, the following:

·      Tuition fees

·      Purchase of instruments

·      Purchase of music

·      Consultation lessons

·      Workshop fees

·      Master classes

·      Summer schools

·      Auditions

Reasonable travel costs for the activity or project can be included in the application.

When can I apply?

Applications can be made between September 1st and October 31st 2023.  We do not accept late entries. 

Is there an age limit?

Applications must be aged 25 years or under on October 1st. There is no lower age limit.

Do I need to live in Lasham to apply for a grant?

No, but you must have attended a school or college within a 16 mile radius of Lasham village postcode GU34 5SG.

What kind of musicians do you support?

We only support classical musicians. We do not support musicians studying musical theatre, popular, jazz or traditional music.


Do you support groups ?

Our grants are for individual applicants only.


​For how much can I apply?

Individuals can apply for up to £500 in the annual grant period.

Do I need references?

A completed sponsor reference form must be received by the closing date.


How much information about my application should I include?

Last year’s successful applicants provided all the information requested. The  applicants who were awarded the full £500 gave more than the minimum supporting documents and gave a clear picture of their ambitions and love for their instrument or area of musical study. 


Can my parents sponsor my application?

No. A sponsor must be an independent person with current knowledge of your musical ability, such as your instrumental/vocal music teacher or Head of Music at your school or college.

If I miss the deadline can I still apply?

No. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

When will I hear if my application has been successful?

If auditions are deemed necessary they will be held by the last Sunday in November. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by December 10th.

What criteria will be used to assess applications?

Grants will be awarded based on the information in your application, as well
as the panel's assessment of musical potential and/or merit.

If I am successful, when will I receive my grant?

You should expect to receive your grant cheque by the end of 2023.


If I have already successfully applied for a grant from the Esseham Trust may I apply again?

You may apply again in subsequent but not in consecutive years


If I have applied and been unsuccessful may I apply again?



Can I apply for activities that have already happened?

No, grants are for activities that will take place between 1st January to 31st December in the year following the grant being awarded. 

What happens if the project or activity for which I have received the grant is cancelled?

In the event of your activity being cancelled please contact the Administrator. In most cases you will be required to repay the funds.


Will the trust expect any further action should I be successful and accept the offered grant?

It is a condition of all successful applications that grant recipients are expected to perform for the benefit of the charity during their grant year. This might be at one of the following:- the festival opening gala concert, lunchtime recital or other festival event. Other opportunities to perform for the charity will of course be considered sympathetically by the trustees. 


NB It is a requirement after receiving an Esseham Music Charity grant that you provide evidence of expenditure. 

A letter will be sent to be all grant recipients to be returned accepting the above terms and conditions and along with receipts or any other evidence of expenditure.  


For more information on the Fund, to make a donation or apply for a grant, please contact our Artistic Director, Josh Hall, at


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